Play along, or make a move.


The Dice

  • Advantage dice: you always get 1. Add 1 advantage die for each of the following: concept,  background, and specialty. If all match, you get 4.
  • Aspect dice: Add 1 for any of the following: Flaw, Motivation, and any other Aspects in play. Up to 4 dice.
  • Calamity dice: Add 1 for each harm, and from 1 to 3 from the Threats affecting the scene.


When someone asks you to Try it, and there are no other moves that can be used.

As planned
1 or more successes
What the character was Trying to do, happens.

No successes
What the character was trying to accomplish fails unless the player chooses for the character to suffer a Harm.

More perils than successes
The GM gets a Free Move.

Tap a Power

Play to use a Power your character has.

Whatever the Power’s description states, takes place. The player has full narrative control. Can only be reversed by another Power (or a Move explicitly stating it cancels Powers)

Dig Deeper

Play when the character is investigating or researching.

As planned
1 or more successes
The character finds out something relevant to the case from whatever it was they were searching.

Only.. I really had to know
No successes
The character Digging Deeper finds out that the information they seek comes with a price, and decides to pay the price.

Take the Low Road

Play when the character is trying to deceive, manipulate or trick.

As planned
1 or more successes
The character gets what they were aiming for.

Only.. they didn’t buy it
No successes
The manipulation won’t achieve what the character wanted. They won’t do or give what the character tied to gain through the deceit.

Cross the Line

Play when the character is about to hurt someone or something.

As planned
1 or more successes
The character gets what they wanted in the first place.

Only.. if I push it through
No successes
There is a price to pay for the character to get what they want. They lose or break something valuable to them.

And.. then it broke out of control
More perils than successes
The character goes through with the threat, and the situation escalates into actual violence.


Play when the character is pacifying the Echoes temporarily.

Can be used on each Echo Threat only once, and a character who has used Grounding in the Scenario on an Echo cannot later participate in Severing that same Echo.


Play when an Echo can be Countered, and the character is trying to sever the Echo from the reality.

Harm adds advantage dice instead of adding peril dice to the roll.

As planned
1 or more successes
The phenomenon vanishes.

Only.. if it’s sated. For now.
No successes
The phenomenon vanishes, with a price.

And.. it awakens.
More perils than successes
Something stirs. While the phenomenon itself is gone from our world now, something in its wake is not. The GM Explores a new Threat Track immediately.


You can have up to 5 Harms. Each harm can be for now, or for good.

When you get a Harm, either add a Harm or convert a for now harm to a for good.

For now harms can be removed at the end of a scenario, or for narrative reasons.

Fifth Harm for good, means the character must be played out of the game.

GM Moves

Plot Moves

What the GM does to keep the ball running. Played as free moves, or when a perfect opportunity rises.

Stop whats happening by posing additional challenge to characters.

Cut temporarily to a scene happening somewhere else, or at another time.

Add an Extra

Move to the next scene

Threat Moves

What the GM does to play out the Threats the characters face. Played instantly when able.

Play to add a Threat track to play, or to advance a Threat in the first stage.
Introduce the Threat to the players. What it looks like? How it behaves?

Play when a Threat is in the second stage.
Foreshadow to the players why the Threat is a threat. Give a hint of the danger the Threat poses to the characters.

Play when a Threat is in the third or fourth stage.
On the third stage: hit the characters with the danger the threat poses.
On the fourth: go for the what’s the worst that could happen with the Threat.

Play instantly when a Threat is countered.
Remove the Threat from the game. The players should try to make this possible as soon as they can, as the Reveals often pose a real danger to the characters.