Urban fantasy meets Män som hatar kvinnor.

This game is bit like early Hellblazer comics. Nasty things want to come to our world and only thing that stand in their way is our not so shiny heroes. Who will probably burn badly as they try to keep the gates of hell closed.

Characters belong to a lose network, known with the street slur The Quick. There is no official leadership or hierarchy on the network. Though some characters might think there is one.

The network’s shared goal is to aid each other with their work on the Echoes ,and the dead.

An Echo is a shadow realm left behind by traumatic events such as a murder. These Echoes are holes in our reality, letting things beyond to our world. Thematically Echoes resemble first and second level twilight (aka gloom) from Sergei Lukyanenko‘s Ночной дозор (Night Watch).

Theme and mood

We aim for a mixture of Scandinavian Noir, early Hellblazer comics, and Sergei Lukyanenko‘s Ночной дозор (Night Watch) with emphasis on the realistic style with a dark, morally complex mood of the Scandinavian Noir.

Magick and supernatural do exist. The non-mundane world is open ended, sketchy and unpredictable. There are no strict rules, but Esoteric or Magickal rituals and acts tend to work. Supernatural world is hidden from the mundane by psychological defenses like disbelief, and by those who know “to protect the mortals”.

Supernatural Powers of player, and storyteller characters follow the thematic guidelines given above.

The Setting

The Characters

Most characters belong into the three main subgroups or shades of The Quick. The shades are Family, Touched and Old Souls.

The Family is a lineage of death cultists with a family curse. This curse requires the Family to participate in the Great Work of closing down the Echoes. The Family’s callous attitude towards death has let them amass a fortune they use to fund the Quick’s main operation.

The Touched have been altered by the Echoes and can sense and open gates to these phenomena. Closing or destroying an Echo is often hard without entering it. Being able to shortcut to the phenomena is extremely handy.

The Old Souls are outsiders who seem to share a form of immunity to the forces living in and beyond the Echoes. This immunity is highly valued within the Quick.

A player could also play any Astray/Veil setting compatible character outside these subgroups, as long as the character has a thematic reason to participate in the Great Work of the Quick.

The Great Work

Each character has a thematic reason to participate to the Great Work. This reason might come from or be extended from a Shade.

The Works high level goal is to close the Echoes. An individual Quick might prioritize more dangerous Echoes, close by Echoes or Echoes with gates to beyond.

To close an Echo one might:

  1. Remove or destroy the physical things the Echo is attached to
  2. Solve a mystery or complete task left unfinished by the recently dead
  3. Sever an Echoes connection to a Slumbering god keeping the Echo alive
  4. Something totally else.
  5. Participate in a ritual having components of the above

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