Creating a Q

Some additions to the Astray Engine.

Character creation

  1. Pick a concept
  2. Pick a Motivation (Edge)
  3. Pick a shade.
    1. of the Family
    2. a Touched
    3. an Old Soul
    4. other
  4. Three rounds of character creation instead of four.

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The Motivation is a special Edge describing the reasons this character is involved in the Great Work.

Why is your character involved?

This is an important question, and should be part of character creation. Each character has their own reason. Maybe it’s your obnoxious friend in need who you help. Maybe you owe something. Whatever the reason: it should be reasonable enough to keep the game premise and events relevant to the character.

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The Shades

Most Quick fall into three main subgroups, the Family, Touched, and Old Souls.

Are the shades like character classes?

Yes and no. The shades were created to add color and consistency to the setting, not to limit character choices.

If a player wishes to play an ordinary mortal,  FB/Advance field operator, or Ordo Vellum Enlightened World Weaver that’s completely plausible. Anyone can be “of the Quick” as long as they take part in the Great Work [of mending echoes].

Of the Family

You have been taken in, or born to the Family funding the Quick. More on the blog post Extending Shades: the Family.

A Touched

You have been touched by the twilight realm of the Echoes and have the ability to open a way to an Echo near you. More on the blog post Extending Shades: the Touched

An Old Soul

You were picked up by a Quick. Maybe they offered you protection, maybe they paid your debts to the dealer.

Power: Reborn. The echoes and ghosts can not harm or touch you. And you can not touch them.
System: you need a success in a Will roll to interact with the beings of the other side. This action enables the other side to interact with you too.

Will +1, Passion +1

Edge: you have seen it all at least twice. Maybe you really have had many lives before. Or maybe you are just hard to surprise.

An Other

These shades will be created Just in time. (and added here for reference).

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