Beta: Powers

This is a Beta quality update to Character powers. It replaces the powers on Ashcan Concepts. These Powers are compatible with the Beta: Tap a Power. Seeker Fool’s Luck For some unknown reason, Seekers seem to always get out of trouble, no matter the odds. They just happen to trip behind a cover as the villain … More Beta: Powers

Beta: Tap a Power

This is a preview of the updated Tap a Power move (it replaces Special Circumstances fro the Ashcan) This move is compatible with the Beta: Powers Tap a Power Extended Move, automatic The Tap a Power Move is triggered when the player states their character is using a Power listed on their character sheet. This … More Beta: Tap a Power

Diary #5

It’s been quite a month! The book is progressing bit ahead of schedule, and the Crowdfunding has more than exceeded our expectations for an ambitious project from a small studio. To give a sample of the book progressing: we just released the rest of the character concepts at the Ashcan quality at the development blog. … More Diary #5


Each character has an archetype or a base concept connecting the character to the game fiction and themes. The character concepts form a platform for you to build your character with backgrounds, specialties, powers and aspects. This is an Ashcan quality preview for the Bloodbound. The preview material is collected in the Ashcan category index page. … More Bloodbound

Diary 3 – Previews, Feedback and Crowdfunding

For the last weeks, we have been busy finalizing all the preview material. The setting, character concepts, rules, layout tests and first pieces of art are all now at the level needed for public viewing. As we are finishing the “1 Pagers” for the Character Concepts, we have released Ashcan versions of the Premise, Nordic … More Diary 3 – Previews, Feedback and Crowdfunding

Playbook 008 release

Lately we’ve been working with the playbook structure as the game concept has started to crystallize. There is much to be done in the character and storytelling chapters and lots to polish in the more concise parts of the playbook. Still better to release often, early than not to release at all. Link to 8th … More Playbook 008 release