Setting rewrites #2

TR made an excellent point over lunch about the premise. We need to specify why the characters are involved in this stuff and what is this stuff anyhow. Following the example of Hellblazer: the characters are stuck with these things. It’s not really a choice. But this is still too abstract. We need to extend … More Setting rewrites #2

First rewrites

The main incentive for this game was to fix the Quick’s concept by utilizing Fail Fast ideology. I spoke with TK about the premise and the first extended Shade and we concluded two things. Firstly the premise is too vague and secondly the Family sounds like a cheap VtM Giovanni/Assamite rip-off. As VtM:s lousy way of handling ghosts and … More First rewrites

Seed: the pilot

Just play with it. This has always helped me to go forward. The Pilot game is a two part game with elements from earlier VEIL games. It centers between the internal rivalry of the Family running the Quick and the Touched powering the Quick. An unknown player calling himself Joel, has asked the Quick to … More Seed: the pilot


Episodic game of One Shots. Characters investigate and solve “echoes” left behind by traumatic events. Some mysteries are mundane, others less so. Less monsters, more riddles and action. System and setting derived from VEIL.