First rewrites

The main incentive for this game was to fix the Quick’s concept by utilizing Fail Fast ideology. I spoke with TK about the premise and the first extended Shade and we concluded two things. Firstly the premise is too vague and secondly the Family sounds like a cheap VtM Giovanni/Assamite rip-off. As VtM:s lousy way of handling ghosts and … More First rewrites

Why this, why now?

I’ve always felt the Ghosts, Necromancers, Zombies and Death to be an abhorrently boring storytelling element. Only game that ever clicked with me was Wraith: the Oblivion. The game that’s almost impossible to GM. The main driver of The Quick is to overcome my aversion to the popular topic. Can I make a game that uses the … More Why this, why now?

The Quick

This blog is created for my new RPG project. “The Quick”. It’s a VEIL derived game about magick, death and forgotten Gods. Much like the rest of the VEIL games.