Beyond the Veil

One day you just saw it. The Echoes, Hallows and all. It became as real as Sun on a bright day. You could bring it here or enter the twilight yourself. You just did not know how horrible it could be. Maybe you sought out the Quick Maybe they found you. The Family offered to … More Beyond the Veil

John the Undying

Once there lived a man who was able to cheat the Fates and jump between the hedges separating this world and the next.  His gift made him think too high of himself to the point where he thought even the Lady Death herself could be played. As with all the stories of gods and men, … More John the Undying

Shades: Rogue Ops

This shade originated as TR’s character concept from the Actual play: pilot part 1. Background SecOps are a private army. Trained to handle mundane and arcane threats to the hypertech powered Syndicate – known officially as the international conglomerate FB/Advance. During the day you might work for the Common Good of Syndicate, but the day is over, … More Shades: Rogue Ops

On Echo design

We had a chat at the first test session about how the game should play out and what characters actually do in the game. The main insight from this conversation was distilled in the Actual play: pilot part 1 followingly: This is not a mystery game. This is a game about people who solve mysteries. This needs … More On Echo design

The Echoes

AKA lacuna, lacunae, scars, unspace(entropic) The fabric of reality is fragile and malleable. Each time something terrible happens it permeates the fabric like a rock falling to a pond’s surface. Traumatic death or a dark power can tear the fabric asunder – creating a scar in it’s wake. These scars are known as Echoes. These … More The Echoes