Sopecon 2016 test report

I did a small test run of character creation, echoes and on-the-spot shoe-stringed trauma mechanics at Sopecon 2016 with JSO, SA, WR and JSA. As a test the run was a massive success. But being introduced to PL’s +H was even more valuable. The new Downward Spiral or trauma mechanics stolen form PL’s superb +H work like a charm and … More Sopecon 2016 test report

Playbook 008 release

Lately we’ve been working with the playbook structure as the game concept has started to crystallize. There is much to be done in the character and storytelling chapters and lots to polish in the more concise parts of the playbook. Still better to release often, early than not to release at all. Link to 8th … More Playbook 008 release

Playbook 006 release

This release includes all material and rules updated for the next playtest game (on next wednesday). There are still many things missing and the contents are still quite raw or unpolished. Major changes include There are now multiple types of Echoes, and the Touched powers etc. are updated accordingly The Family has had some minor … More Playbook 006 release