Letters of Debt

How can you make up to a life lost? Who should be able to collect the debt of a martyr? Can you carry whats due to your next incarnation?

The Letters of Debt are the Quicks answer to these questions. These letters, symbols, runes and monograms carry an uncanny presence until the debt etched to their form is paid.

Any member of the Quick can – through an unknown power – recognize a Letter of Debt, and tell if the one collecting it has the right to collect the debt. In addition, a Family member can not deny the debts presence, even if an they might choose not to pay it.

Power: Creditor

You have learned the way of making Letters of Debt from another Creditor. And you can now etch a life debt to any symbol or monogram. The etching rite requires a death of a person to be completed. The death can happen later than the actual etching, but the death has to be named and the Letter is completed at the moment of Death.


  • Any event powerful enough of creating an Echo – can power a Letter of Debt. This rumor might have some point, as a person named for Letter, never leaves an Echo behind.
  • Letters of Debt are part of old and sinister plot by one of the Family Founders, and each one makes the Wraith of the founder grow in power
  • The way of making the Letters is part of greater road to magickal power called Sigil Magick.
  • Choosing not to pay a life debt, is a certain way of becoming cursed.


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